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At Education Groove, we passionately believe that education is the fulcrum of society and a crucial gateway to a fully functioning future. Therefore, we simplify school subjects so that students from the United States and across the globe can learn different subjects in easy, fun and relatable ways. We do this mission through instructive and creative print, digital, songs, and video content that ignites curiosity and critical thinking.
In recognition of Black History Month, our website will be featuring a variety of resources and activities to educate and inform our audience about the contributions of Black people throughout history. We have created an interactive activity book that will be available for download, filled with puzzles, games, and quizzes to help children learn about important figures and events in Black history.
Additionally, we will be releasing a series of video songs that highlight the contributions of Black musicians, artists, and activists. Our website will also feature a series of articles written by Black authors, scholars, and educators that will provide insights and perspectives on the Black experience. We are excited to offer these resources and activities as a way to engage and educate our audience about the rich history and contributions of the Black community. For starters, read this article about Black History Month facts.
We want to be a citadel of effective learning where students are prepared to be confident and reach their future potential in this digital age.
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